[svccridesupdate] Tuesday Rides and upcoming events

Hello everyone

Tuesday Rides
Thank you to all Tuesday riders who responded to our survey into whether or not to change the start time of Tuesday rides during the summer. 
It was very close between leaving it at 1:30pm and changing it to 11am (with a much smaller group who would have preferred a 9:30am start). Although the 11am start got a couple more votes, the committee did not feel that it was a big enough majority to change the existing arrangement. 
Therefore we are going to remain at 1:30pm for this summer. I'm sure we will revisit the matter in the future. Some of the people who responded suggested a slightly earlier start of 1pm or even 12:30pm and we felt that if a Ride Leader wanted to start a bit earlier, for example to enable them to get to a particular cafe before it closes, as long as they let everyone know on the Rides List or by email updates, that is acceptable. 
Upcoming Events
Audaxes and Sportives are a good opportunity to ride with other cyclists and often provide an opportunity to explore areas that you haven't cycled before. There are normally a variety of distances from 50k upwards to choose from and, although Audaxes have a time limit, the minimum average speed is normally about 12.5km  /  8 miles an hour. 
This year SVCC members have already taken part in a 200k Audax and the Blossom / Asparagus Ride in the Vale of Evesham. We would like to suggest two more upcoming events that you might like to take part in as part of a club group. 
Saturday 29th June, starting in Aust, a choice of 2 Audaxes – either Tintern Express – 57km (https://www.audax.uk/event-details/10747-tintern_express) or Devilish Devauden – 111km (https://www.audax.uk/event-details/10746-devilish_devauden) Click on the links for more details. Some of us did the Tintern Express last year and it was very good although quite hilly!
Sunday 28th July, Ride Over the Edge Sportive, a choice of 50k, 100k or 160k starting in Wotton-under-Edge, registration open already https://www.wottonlions.org/cycle/ Some of us have done the 100k and the 160k before and thoroughly enjoyed the routes (if not least year's weather.)
It would be good if we could get a group for these events, so get in touch if you decide to sign up. Or use the WhatsApp group to chat about it. 


Clare Smith, Secretary
Stroud Valleys Cycling Club

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