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Coronavirus Guidelines for Ride Leaders

  • Send out email to Ride Updates before ride with some basic information about the ride including:
    • a reminder to read Coronavirus risk assessment on the website
    • a reminder to bring face covering and hand sanitiser
    • whether they need to bring own refreshments or whether there is a café / pub stop
    • at the discretion of the ride leader, a request for them to let the ride leader know they intend to come so they can make a booking for a refreshment stop
  • Contact any refreshment venues to find out latest regulations and opening times and to make a booking if needed.
  • Make sure you have a record of all participants (e.g. photo, memo on phone, list on paper) and, if the rider is not on the email update list, a way of contacting them (phone number or email address). Following the ride send an email to stroudvalleyscc@gmail.com with the names of all the riders and any contact details collected as above.
  • Groups of up to the current government limit are able to ride together. If more than the government limit of riders join a ride the Ride Leader should split the group and appoint a leader for the other group. The Ride Leader should decide if both groups are able to follow the same route safely. The Ride Leaders should be able to communicate with each other by mobile phone.
  • Be aware that no more than the current government limit of riders are able to sit together at a cafe or pub outside or inside.
  • During the ride, remind riders about need to follow Coronavirus regulations as set out in risk assessment and to follow any regulations in cafés, pubs, take-aways and shops

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