[svccridesupdate] Tomorrow’s 🥶 ride . Starting from the Frocester pub cross roads at 930.

Morning everyone 

Tomorrow’s ride will be cold. Coldest day of the year so far.  There is a likelihood of ice on some roads where water has gathered from recent rains – so I’ve gone for a shorter ride using roads less likely to have pooling on them 🤞. Also I think it will be important to be back before sunset given the conditions. 
The ride starts from FROCESTER at 930.
The route is as follows ( I may amend as we go along depending on road and weather conditions)
Oldbury for morning coffee 
Severn bridge
Mathers for lunch at millers arms booked for 1230 ( made a decision to go with a traditional pub rather than spoons given recent comments- also should be more warm and cosy on such cold day. 
Mileage from Stroud is 65 miles and 55 from Frocester 
The route is included below 
Hopefully see some of you tomorrow.
Peter C 

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