[svccridesupdate] Christmas Dinner Menu Choices

Hi everyone

We are now in December and Christmas is just around the corner. 
If you are coming to the Christmas Meal, we now need you to decide if you are having 2 or 3 courses and send in your menu choices. Also you need to send in the balance for your meal. The deadline for this is Wednesday 6th December. Many thanks if you have already done this. I have attached the menu details and how to pay. 
If you missed the deadline to say you wanted to come to the meal and now want to join us, get in touch because I am sure the venue will be able to fit a few more in. 
The Carol Service is tomorrow (Sunday 3rd December) 12:30pm at St Matthews Cainscross and we hope to see some of you there tomorrow. Many thanks to all those who have offered to bring food for the buffet. If you are coming, you might like to bring a bicycle bell or something similar to accompany one of the carols!  

Hope you are all keeping warm

Clare Smith, Secretary

Stroud Valleys Cycling Club

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