[svccridesupdate] Treasure Hunt Ride Saturday 16 Jul 2022

Dear all,

Just to follow on from my previous email highlighting this event.

Really, I now need to start putting some flesh on the bones. To that extent I need to know how much interest there is in this.

Am proposing:

Date:  Saturday 16 Jul

Timing: 2pm,

Venue: Start/Finish The Crown Inn Frampton Mansell  

Social: Possibly stay for a drink afterwards, maybe a meal, but that adds more complexity (and cost) to the event, planning etc!

Route: Roughly, Cherington, Rodmarton, Tarlton, Coates, Sapperton etc, all fairly flat!

Teams: cycling pairs

What it involves:  A bit of map reading, looking for clues, all common sense and hopefully fairly simple.

Time frame: Will confirm, but possibly looking a max of two hours.

Risk Assessment: Really no different from a normal cycle ride, so shouldn’t need one. But to be on the safe side, I will.

Kit and equipment: As for a normal cycle ride, really clad for the prevailing weather conditions.

Cost: None foreseen at the moment, unless we agree on a winner/s prize,  but possibly that may come from club funds?

Assistance: Let me know if you would like to assist me with the planning and organisation on the day?



Really to make it worth while we need a minimum of 12 paticipitans

Can you please completer the following form and get it back to me (pnr1952@outlook.com) 16 Jun 21



Paired with

Comments/what post function would you like, if any?







Yours in cycling,


Paul R

Mob: 07866412611


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