[svccridesupdate] The Rides Trophy is Back!

Hi everyone

Before COVID Stroud Valleys Cycling Club kept a record of who went on each ride and, at the end of the year, the Rides Trophy was awarded to the rider who went on the most rides in a year. Since COVID club rides have been a bit different – sometimes we weren't able to ride at all or only in smaller groups and many have been avoiding club rides due to shielding. We have been collecting names for COVID track and trace purposes but so far they have not been counted towards the Rides Trophy. 

However, from the beginning of October, every time you go on a ride it will count towards the Rides Trophy. Ride leaders need to continue to send their list of riders to this email address for COVID track and trace. Then that information, in the form of first name and an initial if needed, will be forwarded to Ray and Nicki who keep a tally of how many rides we all go on. At the end of September 2022 they will work out the winner of the Rides Trophy and you will also be able to find out how many rides you have been on. Many thanks to Ray and Nicki for working on this for us.
If you do not want your name to be included in the list of names forwarded for the Rides Trophy, please let me know by replying to this email address. 


Clare Smith, Secretary
Stroud Valleys Cycling Club

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