[svccridesupdate] My “Thursday” ? ride

Good morning Pete. I have not been out with the SVCC for ages but I was intending to ride on Thursday if there was space in the group. I am free tomorrow, Wednesday, and would like to join the group, again, if there will be space.
Derek Mitchell

On Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 09:22:36 BST, Peter Sharpe <petersharpe040@gmail.com> wrote:

Morning all,
You will all have seen the weather forecast for Wed/Thurs. – the former looks a lot better. I am proposing to do the ride tomorrow (Wed.) instead of our usual day. (Nothing set in stone!) I would appreciate your thoughts on this. To give you a rough idea of (probable) route:
WLS Piff’s Elm (coffee) Bredon Hill area (lunch) return via Tewkesbury or Upton on Severn. About 65 not-too-lumpy miles.
How does  that grab you?

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