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Morning all 

I have posted some photos of my Italian trip on the web site galleries. Here are some notes on the trip:

The whole trip was 1058 miles but spread over 15 days it worked out at about 75 miles per day. The amount of daily climbing varied from 1,000 metres to 2,500 metres. The weather for the trip was superb with sunshine every day and just the odd shower, The temperature when we arrived was 30C and this came down to 25C as we returned to the UK.

The first few days were spent in Tuscany which is even more attractive than the brochures portray it. Riding over rolling hills with views of the mediterranean. We then headed east into Umbria which is another beautiful area and our route took us towards and over the Apennines. The climbing was challenging but easier than the Alps. Whenever I felt fatigued, I reminded myself that the Canadian riding alongside me had received a heart transplant two years earlier. Coming down from the Apennines we entered the flatter regions of Abruzzo and Molise. The last four days were spent riding through Puglia and of these the first two were the only disappointing part of the route – the landscape was flat and desolate, all of the roads were full of rubbish since the mafia stopped the truck drivers from operating here and we had a 30mph headwind with no trees or hedges for protection. We all agreed that we would rather climb the Apennines again rather than face the headwind. Things improved again on the last two days as we reached the Adriatic – winding coastal roads and no rubbish on the streets. Thunder, lighting and heavy rain on the penultimate night but glorious sunshine as we arrived at our destination.

A few mishaps on the route: unfortunately our guide came off and fractured his femur but the organisers flew out a replacement within 24 hours, one rider broke a spoke and another had tubeless tyres which would not fix a puncture, one nasty insect bite (take your own it is quite difficult getting some over-the-counter medicines).  

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