[svccridesupdate] Indoor trainer

Hello eveyone.

Firstly – have a good Christmas. I hope to be back with you in the New Year. Just so much going on this side of Christmas.

Secondly – a colleage has bought a basic trainer that is not suitablre for his bike. Any takers?

No good for through axles.

Tyre-on-roller drive, therefore really needs a spare trainer specific wheel/tyre.

If there are any takers let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

Richard Venning

To: “Richard Venning” <daddygandalf@btinternet.com&gt;
Sent: Tuesday, 21 Dec, 2021 At 14:27
Subject: Indoor trainer

Hi Dick,
I have been purchased an indoor trainer for my bike.
Although under a different brand it is a LifeLine TT-01, just like this:
It will not work with my bike, which has a through-axle. After lots of research, I have concluded that you can't buy an adaptor in the UK that will successfully allow me to mount my bike in this trainer.
So this trainer is effectively brand new. Not used. Comes in the original box.
Brought from Aldi
Original price £40.
So, my question is…
Given your cycling networks is there any way of offering this for sale?

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