[svccridesupdate] Cycle Treasure Hunt

Dear all,

Sorry me again, this time with another ‘hairbrained’ idea! 
Am looking at organising a cycling treasure hunt.
An idea:
1. Run it either on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon, or any day that suits the majority.
1. Done during the summer months.
2. Probably start and finish at a pub.
3. Maybe a small social gathering afterwards.
4. Distance, no more than 15 miles.
5. Working in pairs.
6. Simple clues/questions 
7. Not too difficult to navigate, map guidance.
8. Route will be reasonably flat
9. Prize for the winners
Let me know if there any appetite for this sort of event? If so I will start planning it asp. If not, it will stay as one of those hairbrained ideas!!

Still looking for two more happy campers?
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