[svccridesupdate] Cud Hill Blow Memorial.

Gazebo and Blow Family Memorials

A Grade II Listed Building in Painswick, Gloucestershire

Blow Family Memorial


Good evening all,

On last Tuesdays ride, we passed this rather unique building. Some asked for more information on it. Here is a brief summary.

Regards and a happy New Year. 

Paul R

The Blow family memorial on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment at Cud Hill, Gloucestershire. The monument stood incomplete and roofless for sixty years before being completed in 2008 in remembrance of flamboyant style guru and fashion writer Isabella Blow who sadly killed herself on 25th October 2010.

A bit about Helles Farm House, the famous home of the Blow family, it’s situated just below the memorial.

It now runs functions, weddings etc.

The house is the home of Detmar Blow, grandson of Detmar Jellings Blow, the celebrated Arts & Craftsarchitect. 

The building was constructed between 1914-1916 and is in many ways the greatest work of the elder Detmar Blow. His many projects exemplify the style and new ideas of the time and of his friends and colleagues, including the legendary William Morris and John Ruskin

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